The Power of a Handwritten Note

Several years ago I refinanced my car. I remember it being a stressful process: shopping around trying to get the best deal, comparing fees, interest rates, and loan length. Throughout the process, I spoke with many different representatives from various financial institutions over the course of a month. I still remember my “hero” in the … Continue reading The Power of a Handwritten Note

3 Volunteer Recruitment Essentials

According to the Bureau of Labor Statics volunteer rates have fallen steadily since 2011. In addition to that, the most active age demographic of volunteers is age 45 to 54. I would argue that people between age 45 to 54 are at the peak of their careers and have the most time contraints of any … Continue reading 3 Volunteer Recruitment Essentials

Content Marketing for Recruiters

In today’s world recruiting is just as much marketing as it is talent management. For a strategy to recruit not just more candidates, but the RIGHT candidates I would recommend adding a content marketing approach into your overall recruiting strategy. As opposed to traditional marketing, content marketing is less about blasting your message (come work … Continue reading Content Marketing for Recruiters

One Trick to Help Introverts Thrive in the Interview

“There's zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.”   -Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking   It’s no secret that standard interviews are kinder to extraverted interviewees – those that get energy from social interaction. Introverted candidates – those that tend to … Continue reading One Trick to Help Introverts Thrive in the Interview

One Email Hack to Help Better Recruit Candidates

According to Yello, a recruiting software company, there are 4 pivotal reasons candidates drop out of the hiring process: Company is missing a customer support mindset Candidate's interview experience Not collecting candidate feedback (to see what the problems are) Hiring process is drawn out Pick up what these have in common? They all have to do with … Continue reading One Email Hack to Help Better Recruit Candidates

4 Free Ways to Connect with “Digital Natives”

Digital natives grew up using technology. Whenever you present to digital natives or do outreach, I would encourage you to utilize technology to engage the audience. Here are four free ways I suggest using technology to connect with digital natives: Poll Everywhere – a website that allows you to survey your audience, collect email addresses, … Continue reading 4 Free Ways to Connect with “Digital Natives”