4 Free Ways to Connect with “Digital Natives”


Digital natives grew up using technology. Whenever you present to digital natives or do outreach, I would encourage you to utilize technology to engage the audience. Here are four free ways I suggest using technology to connect with digital natives:

  • Poll Everywhere – a website that allows you to survey your audience, collect email addresses, take questions anonymously, and more. It’s a free service for up to 50 people per session.
  • Kahoot! – fun, game-style way to ask questions of an audience. You can use this to review key points in the presentation, go over facts about the organization, and more. Great way to get people interacting with you and introduce healthy competition to the group.
  • Social Media – create a hashtag (#ConferenceName) and have folks tweet or Instagram about their experience using the hashtag. On Twitter, you could have people tweet questions, and you could answer them live or through the organization’s Twitter account.
  • SlideShare – allows you to post a PowerPoint or handout online. It tracks engagement and has a discussion forum for participants to interact and ask questions of the presenter.

Do you have any resources to utilize technology in presentations or outreach? Let me know in the comments below!


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